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Health Transformation Programmes

Personalised 1:1 Nutrition Programmes
Health Transformation Programmes are tailored to your unique needs and include different levels of support. With my personalised approach, you'll receive the individual attention and guidance you need to achieve optimal health.


How It Works

Each programme starts with a thorough Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment. Following this, you'll receive a personalised plan encompassing Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplement recommendations, complemented by a wealth of resources such as Recipes, Handouts, Guides, and eBooks. If necessary, your plan may suggest Further Testing, and I'll analyse the results for you. We'll review and discuss the plan in a dedicated Plan Review session.


Subsequently, enjoy continuous ongoing Support, Guidance, and Coaching tailored to the specific features of the programme you choose. Explore and compare programme features below.


I Am Committed To You

As your nutritionist, I'm committed to helping you create sustainable lifestyle changes that benefit long-term health and wellbeing. You'll not only feel better, but also have the tools to maintain progress and enjoy a healthier life.

Programme Features
Explore Your Transformation Options
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  • 2 Month Programme

  • Designed to provide the essential foundations

  • Ideal for those that already have a healthy lifestyle, but require a little extra support to reach their health and wellness goals

  • Essential Access to Recipes, Handouts, Guides, eBooks

  • Support, Guidance and Coaching: x2 Follow Ups

Nutritional Cooking



  • 3 Month Programme

  • To dig deeper, building further on the foundations

  • Ideal for those with more complex health concerns and a history of failed diets or methods, to discover solutions that finally work

  • Enhanced Access to Recipes, Handouts, Guides, eBooks

  • Enhanced Support, Guidance and Coaching: x5 Follow Ups & WhatsApp Support during working hours Monday-Friday




  • 5 Month Programme

  • Fully supported journey with extended guidance

  • Ideal for those invested in their health journey with long-standing health issues, where significant changes need to be made to get back to their very best 

  • Exclusive Access To a Wider Array of Recipes, Handouts, Guides, eBooks

  • Access to Online Diet and Lifestyle Journal with personalised feedback provided on your entries  

  • Extended Ongoing Support, Guidance and Coaching: x8 Follow Ups & Ask Me Anytime WhatsApp Support

Included In Each Programme
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Health, Diet & Lifestyle Assessment


Online Consultations* & Online Client Portal

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Diet, Lifestyle & Supplement Plan


 WhatsApp Support (Programme Dependant)


Recipes, eBooks and Guides

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Test Recommendation & Interpretation

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Ongoing Personal Health Coaching


Payment Plan Options Available

* In-person consultations available upon request, for an additional fee, at Blackheath Complementary Health Centre, London SE3 7DH.

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