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What My Clients Say


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LIFE CHANGING. I fully recommend working with Emma. All treatment plans are tailored toward your individual need. Emma tunes into what is truly happening for you and provides workable solutions to suit your pace, lifestyle, and budget. The excruciating pains I experienced before working with Emma have gone and now we are focussing on achieving my body weight goals.

Dawn, 54 yo

Helped with: digestive discomfort post-gallbladder removal, menopausal symptoms, weight loss

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Emma is an amazing nutritionist who helped me take control of my IBS, diet and lifestyle. She provided me with some recipes and snack ideas. She also suggested a supplement plan to integrate my diet. She was always responsive, listened attentively, and understood my needs, creating a supportive environment. Thanks to her, I feel much better and have a clear plan for ongoing improvement and optimal health.

Simona, 31 yo

Helped with: IBS: bloating, constipation, nausea, fatigue, weight loss

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I started seeing Emma last July as I had concerns about my health and weight !!! Emma is very passionate about her job and goes above and beyond to help and advise you. I followed her advice and took the supplements she recommended and I'm a new person and have lost over a stone just by changing my diet !!!! Emma is a very friendly lady easy to talk to and an exceptional nutritionist and I have no hesitation in recommending her to all of you. Thank you so much Emma for all you have done for me.

Lynda, 69 yo

Helped with: weight loss, fatigue post long-Covid, digestive issues, postmenopausal hormonal symptoms, anxiety

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I consulted with Emma 4 months ago having struggled with low energy levels and having been unable to lose weight for the last 4 years. I had also been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have had hypothyroidism since 2019. In just 4 months of working with Emma, I have lost inches around my waist and thighs, am 7 pounds lighter and feel like I'm back in my body again. My energy and sleep have also improved massively and I feel so much better about myself. The experience has been life changing. Thank you Emma for all your support

Barbara, 57 yo

Helped with: pre-diabetes, weight loss, hypothyroidism, fatigue, weight loss, digestive issues

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I have been suffering with acid reflux for over 10 years and have tried all the medications under the sun but nothing seemed to work. After looking around, Emma’s website really stood out, and I contacted her to start a programme. She’s been very professional, knowledgable and amazing from the onset and has helped me with completely reducing my acid reflux and calming my haitus hernia symptoms down. I have a lot more energy and feel like a different person: my reflux was causing me to not eat out or socialise. Emma has helped me beyond belief, and I will carry on using her services. Thank you so much!

Pooja, 43 yo

Helped with: acid reflux, hiatus hernia, digestive issues, fatigue and weight loss

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

Emma is a very dedicated and caring practitioner. She has gone the extra mile to help me with various health concerns and has made me feel listened to and understood when other practitioners didn't in the past. She is a great listener and I have gained a great deep of insight into my own health thanks to her. I really trust Emma and I would highly recommend her services.

Sandie, 35 yo

Helped with: PCOS, hormonal imbalance, skin issues, digestive symptoms

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

I consulted Emma because I had my gall bladder removed and was having some digestive problems. I met with Emma in person and online over a period of 4 months. Emma is warm and friendly, and has a systematic approach, taking a detailed health history, and using her own knowledge as well as ongoing research findings to plan her individualised protocols. She used a holistic approach and is good at listening, and explaining how the systems in the body work, from a nutritionist’s point of view. She encourages using GP services as needed, and is clear about how her expertise fits in with other health services. I found the whole process very helpful, and my symptoms improved. If you are thinking of using a nutritionist then definitely contact Emma who offers a pre consult to help you decide if she can help you.

Sarah, 65 yo

Helped with: acid reflux, digestive symptoms post gallbladder removal, energy and blood sugar balance 

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Throughout my journey with Emma I learnt a lot of valuable information that you can’t just google. I have significantly improved my health and am more aware of what a healthy diet looks like. In our sessions my goal was always considered and feedback forms for upcoming sessions meant we could focus on what I wanted. Any questions I ever had Emma replied quickly with links to more information for my further interest. Emma is such a bubbly and down to earth person, with such positive energy. I have truly loved working with her. Thank you so much 💗

Lauren, 21 yo 

Helped with: digestion, energy levels and blood sugar balance 

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After following the plan you gave me after our first session, by the second session my bloating had virtually gone, which I was actually astounded by! I was also really amazed when I suddenly realised the other day that I hadn't had any wind either. Now by the third session, I have no bloating - the bloating has gone! Thank you so much Emma. You have been such a great help to me and I really appreciate it.

Penny, 58 yo

Helped with: 20+ years of IBS symptoms of gas, bloating and cramping

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

Emma was really helpful, understanding and knowledgable. Emma really went into great detail with an impressive system and an app. My concerns were listened to and my plan was tailored to great detail. Emma was really patient, attentive, supportive and adaptable towards my needs. Emma also went above and beyond, displaying her care for the client. Emma is super lovely and professional. I have learnt a lot from Emma! Thank you Emma!

Tasha, 32 yo

Helped with: relief from gallstone attacks and prevention of gallbladder removal

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

I have been working with Emma since November 2022, and it has been such a learning experience, from getting to know what foods I should eat regularly to how it affects your mind and body. I would say that working with Emma was great. When looking for a Nutritionist you want to look for someone who you feel comfortable with as that will allow you to open up to that individual a whole lot more. Since working with Emma, I have lost about 6-7kg I believe, and now knowing what I know, I know I can achieve weight loss in a healthy way and do it the right way. Slow and steady always wins the race. Emma you have been fantastic and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Ishwak, 35 yo

Helped with: weight loss, low energy, digestive complaints

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

Emma was very easy to work with! I was struggling with fatigue, bloating and late night snacking. After working with Emma, I quickly lost 4 pounds and am now making positive changes to my nutrition which has helped me move forward.


Helped with: weight loss, hormonal imbalance and bloating

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

I wasn't sure what to expect and it's not something I thought of doing but I'm glad I did. Emma is clearly very passionate about what she does and it's not just a job to her. She is very knowledgeable and puts in more than 100% to help you. After working with her, I feel so much better about myself and she has made me more aware of what I put in to my body. I can't thank her enough.

Vanessa, 50 yo

Helped with: weight loss, energy, sleep and bloating

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

Thank you for your awesome coaching, support, knowledge and recipe sharing, Emma, I have found myself re-sharing nutritional facts with friends since our sessions. Our meetings, paying attention to my food diary and your guidance all helped me realise how I was not putting my health first. Our sessions have helped me to give permission to myself to make some lifestyle changes,  and given me a renewed commitment to making healthier choices. I really feel happier for putting myself first more and from seeing the results over a six-week period!

Imogen, 42 yo

Helped with: weight loss, improve overall health

Nutrition - Testimonial.png

The experience with Emma from start to finish was a professional and productive one. Emma carefully went through symptoms, not dismissing anything, however small. She listened and came up with a detailed plan, providing alternatives to try. It has been a lovely experience and getting positive results has further made it all worthwhile! Emma is a brilliant practitioner. I would encourage anyone with a health niggle or problem, to go see her! I have even been able to advise friends and family from everything I have learned from her, an absolute star!I again want to thank you for all your advice and help, you have been simply amazing! 


Helped with: joint pain, headaches

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