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Functional Testing Laboratories
I partner with leading functional medicine testing laboratories to provide the most accurate and insightful health assessments. These collaborations enable me to tailor nutrition plans to meet each client's unique needs for optimal health and wellbeing.
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Supplement Providers 
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I partner with top supplement providers to offer the highest quality products available exclusively through healthcare practitioners. This ensures my clients receive pure, potent, and effective nutritional support tailored to their specific health needs.
Esthetics Lounge Greenwich
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Rubilla Javaid is the owner and Lead Clinician at Esthetics Lounge, a brand new, beautifully designed Esthetics clinic in the heart of Greenwich. Esthetics Lounge is not just in the business of aesthetics; they're in the business of making you feel great about how you look and feel on the inside and outside. Their unique selling point is their dedication to natural beauty enhancement. They believe that every individual is beautiful in their own way and our goal is to subtly enhance your features, ensuring that you look like the best version of yourself. They offer a range of esthetics and beauty treatments.

They have created a partnership with Emma Mukasa Nutrition to offer a more holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness. They are currently running a partnership offer - when you book your first PRP Hair Treatment, get a free Biotin Injection (worth £50). Biotin is ideal for promoting healthy hair, nails and skin. This is a unique and dedicated offer for all clients that come to them through me. They look forward to welcoming you at Esthetics Lounge.

Rubilla can be contacted via email at –

More information about Esthetics Lounge and its services can be found here:
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