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Goodbye Tummy Troubles

Get Proven Expert Nutrition Strategies To Restore Your Digestive Health

Finally Get Relief From Digestive Issues 

Have you been diagnosed with IBS, or do you suffer from general digestive issues? Perhaps you often have to avoid certain foods or social situations? Have you been told to just learn to live with it? 


What if I told you, you don't have to continue living with these uncomfortable, often embarrassing symptoms?


IBS is not a disease. It is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of common digestive symptoms, affecting 10-20% of the UK population, and twice as many women as men.


Every day people are successfully managing their symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes with the help of a registered Nutritional Therapist like me.

Through struggling with IBS for years and then qualifying as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, I learnt that, with the right information and tools, it is possible to lead a life free from discomfort and pain, and full of energy.


Improving your digestive health can also positively impact your weight, hormone health, sleep, stress and mental health.


Now, as a registered Nutritionist, I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and have helped numerous women to regain control of their digestive health and feel amazing in their bodies again. 


If I can do it, so can you! Let me help you make your own breakthrough. 

Your Roadmap To Optimal Health

Step 1

Book this free call to discuss your wellness goals and discover how nutritional therapy can support you

Step 2

Choose a programme with the right level of support for you. Consultations are online, or in-person in Blackheath, London SE3

Step 3

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Receive a plan tailored to your needs with ongoing support to help you achieve your goals and revitalise your health


What to Expect From Your FREE Consultation

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A Complementary Health and Energy Review

Prior to the session, you will be asked to complete a brief 2-minute questionnaire that will assess your overall health and energy levels. This valuable tool provides a quick snapshot of your current health status. During our free consultation, I will review your questionnaire results with you, and we can discuss their potential implications for your overall wellbeing.


An Opportunity To Be Heard And Understood

During our session, you will be provided with a safe and non-judgmental space to share your most pressing health concerns with me. Together, we can explore the root causes of your current health issues and delve into your aspirations and goals for a healthier future.

Personalised Advice To Optimise Your Health

With an overwhelming amount of health information available on the internet, it's common for my clients to feel even more confused about their next steps towards achieving better health. However, in this complimentary session, I can help you cut through the noise and provide simple, personalised tips to set you on the right path towards optimal wellness.

Uncover Hidden Health Problems

Clients usually seek my guidance for a specific health concern that is bothering them. However, it's important to note that there are often other underlying factors at play within their bodies that they may not have considered, which can significantly affect their overall wellbeing. During the complimentary session, I will provide expert advice on these potential contributing factors.

Discover How Supplements Could Be Exacerbating Your Symptoms

Clients often come to me on self-prescribed supplements, to address their health concerns. However, these supplements may not be providing the intended benefits and could even be exacerbating their symptoms. During our session, we can discuss the significant quality differences between nutritionist-recommended brands and those commonly found on the high street.

Your Health Is My Priority


I'm Emma Mukasa, a South East London Nutritionist and Health Coach. I help busy mums and women on the go, who struggle with digestive issues, such as cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, gas & reflux. 


I use the best in nutritional science to help them with their debilitating symptoms. This also leads to improvements in other areas, such as weight, hormone health, energy levels, sleep, stress and mental health.  

Through my Health Transformation Programmes, I use a functional medicine approach to help clients get to the root cause of their health complaints. I then provide them with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, with support and coaching along the way. This gives them the information, tools and motivation to put them back in control of their health and feel comfortable in their bodies again.

Take the next step by clicking the free consultation box and let's discuss how to get you living the symptom-free life you deserve.

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Start Your Transformation Today With 5 Simple Actions To Ease IBS for Busy People On The Go

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Download my FREE 20-Page eBook and learn how to fix your digestion naturally! Plus get tips and recipes straight to your inbox.

Learn about the benefits of a happy, healthy tummy, as well as the secrets of good digestion. Also find out which foods to include and which to avoid, along with some delicious tummy friendly recipes.

Client Success Stories 

"LIFE CHANGING. I fully recommend working with Emma. All treatment plans are tailored toward your individual need. Emma tunes into what is truly happening for you and provides workable solutions to suit your pace, lifestyle, and budget..."


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